There are people in all our lives who inspire and change us and they also become our role models.

I am blessed enough in my life to have incredible parents and have had amazing grandparents. But I was really blessed to have one truly inspirational person, my grandfather, Mr. Sudhaker Reddy Padi. Agriculturist and a great Philanthropist. Everyone in the village looked upon him as the head of the family. He had left no stone unturned in developing the village in every aspect. Be it health care, education, irrigation or infrastructure.

My growing up years, I spent most of my summer vacation with him. He involved us in all the things that he did and thus he had left a remarkable impression on me as a child. He instilled in me the feeling that no matter how successful you are you have a responsibility to help others.

In an endeavor to reduce the socio-economic disparity between rural and urban sectors and simultaneously increase the percapita through the introduction of technological infrastructure into the rural sector, was born. A focused attempt has already begun in Veenavanka village of Karimnagar District, Telangana.

About the Modern Village Vision - 2020

The strategic growth plan in Veenavanka has nine facets which include; Education, Health, Agriculture, Infrastructure, Industries, Service Sector, Training and Micro Finance. Each of these nine facets has been initiated simultaneously to ensure a synergic growth pattern which stimulates the ultimate goal of creating a self sufficient, aware and educated community.

It is a Seven Year Rollout Plan which includes Internet Connectivity, Computer Literacy through online and broadcasted training programs, E- Health Care, use of Optimized Techniques in Agriculture; Development of Agriculture based Industries, Introduction of service industry and Micro Finance. The ultimate Goal is to increase GDP and eventually GDP per Capita.

Under free computer education program, every month, 50 students get to learn basic computer programs such as Microsoft Powerpoint, word, excel, etc., along with basic internet usage skills. The same would require more time and more money to go to a computer center and learn. so far 700 children have benifited from the program. Its an ongoing process and lots more is to be added to it.

Scholarship (for poor children in veenavanka) an awareness program among the Indians abroad, has been initiated with the help of the portal Interested people can go to site and can pour in their help, which is used as scholarship for the poor students. They can sponsor a child for his/her education for as long as they can.

As former President APJ Abdul Kalam said, “Rural development is our aim and goal” is the inspiration I follow by implementing PURA – Providing Urban Amenities to Rural Areas. For the establishment of a 30 bed hospital in my village, presently I got assistance, permission and funds released from the government and have also obtained land for the purpose.